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Ukrainian Orthodox Church parishioners unite for defending their faith and values

Ukrainian Orthodox Church parishioners unite for defending their faith and values
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9 June 2021 year 17:20

A public organization called ‘Laity’ has appeared in Ukraine. It is a large-scale project called to unite active believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, who are not indifferent to the future of their country and Church. The project has been initiated by Orthodox journalist Vasily Makarovsky, leader of the Miryane [Laity] public organization.

The Miryane internet platform will be developed in a number of areas:

  • Education: the opportunity to receive knowledge about Orthodox faith and an access to the up-to-date programs in a format comfortable for internet users, such as online courses, access to educational textbooks (humanitarian and natural sciences, history, rhetoric, religious instruction and theology) for both adults and children.
  • Creativity: creation of manifold video-content to answer the most important questions: ‘Who are we amd where are we moving to?’, coverage of acute social problems. Organization and conduct of issue events;
  • Important news: timely reports on developments and processes important for the laity in public and church life of the country and the world:
  • The right and values advocacy: around the clock coordination center in which the faithful will join their efforts to defend their rights and seek changes in the state and society on all levels from local to national;
  • Emergency legal aid to lay people and clergy; a handy catalogue of algorithms of actions and forms of official documents for typical cases, a service for textual online question-answer counseling, integral support on complicated cases.

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Ukrainian Orthodox Church parishioners unite for defending their faith and values

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